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19. Juni 2018

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Information needs more than one direction

Information needs more than one direction© Bilderbox.com

Modern internet-based dialogue solutions are characterized by multimedial diversity and flexible forms of use. An Expert Comment by Markus Buchner, Managing Director of ATMS.

On the basis of current Internet and telecommunication technology, the impact of progress on our lives can be experienced in the private sector, in the workplace and in the organization of companies. The number of possibilities for communication has risen enormously, particularly as a result of the rise in popularity of the Smartphone, and this applies to customer dialogue both internally and externally. The SMS is the means of choice for short information and messages. No other medium is more reliable, business messaging is growing strongly.
Added to this are new app-based solutions, above all communication via WhatsApp. This form alone shows the variety of contents useable as a multimedial channel in customer service. While tourism providers can answer guest requests with live images, WhatsApp is used as an info-channel with a virtual experience. No company should rely on WhatsApp alone. But those who have taken up the channel in their multi-channel strategy, enjoy high interaction and usage rates.

Changes and Innovation
Innovation in the external and internal dialogue areas also affects the classical telephone systems. Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies are increasingly using cloud-based solutions that are operated on the Internet. The reasons for this are diverse. Changes in company organization, consolidation, standardization or pure cost considerations are the reasons for this. This also applies to newly founded companies or companies with several locations, and here too, internet-based facilities and services are the focus. They are quickly available, scalable, and cost-effective as well as flexible.
If, for example, the external project partner requires a temporary telephone connection to the domestic company abroad, such a telephone system can be quickly set up and activated via the network-operated telephone system. Even home workers can be integrated in the short term via their existing telephone infrastructure. After the respective project end, the same dial-up is then quickly deactivated again and the associated operating costs are eliminated. Telephony in the business or company context becomes simpler as a result and, in particular, more cost-effective. As with all solutions and services via the cloud, companies profit particularly from one thing: Time and resources that can be invested in the actual business.


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