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19. Juni 2018

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Inventory and innovation

Inventory and innovation(C) Fujitsu

Business platforms unite solutions and services. An expert comment by Wilhelm Petersmann, Vice President, Managing Director Austria & Switzerland at Fujitsu.

Our professional dealing is determined by fast moving IT developments. Structures become more complex and the requirements of data availability and security increase. Companies adapt to this if they do not want to lose touch or want to promote further business success.

Abundance of new applications
With the abundance of new solutions, applications and services, it is however difficult to keep an overview. Companies want to combine different cloud solutions, but also IT infrastructures and digital concepts such as Big Data, mobility or Internet-of-Things. Business platforms help to master these challenges in an optimal manner. Forward-looking managers and CIOs go however one step further and back flexible solutions. One of these is the business platform MetaArc, which connect Robust IT as well as Fast IT.

Unique worldwide
To put it simply, this means that the management of the existing IT systems as well as the implementation of innovative, digital solutions and developments as for example Big Data. This is unique worldwide. A further, large advantage of MetaArc: an integrated cloud implementation. The digital business platform is non-proprietary and is based on Open Stack Technology. Thus, solutions of different providers can be integrated.


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