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24. April 2018

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It is just a click away

It is just a click away© Bilderbox.com

New developments in the area of information and communication technologies show the competitive relevance of digitization.

Cloud computing, the networking of business processes as well as mobility and digital payment all play an increasingly important role in modern corporate management. The issue of security as well as the management of ever-increasing amounts of data are becoming more and more important. To sum up, the concept of "big data" and in particular the meaningful analysis and presentation of this data counts as one of the major challenges.
Experts advise companies on a forward-looking and proactive strategy where existing IT structures play a role as well as the most flexible and cost-intensive use of new technologies and services. Digital business platforms are used here and offer the possibility to include several providers in the form of proprietary (open) systems. These platforms can also map single or multiple value chains and then integrate all companies involved. "With such business platforms, existing IT systems are managed more easily and new solutions can be used independently," said Wilhelm Petersmann, Managing Director of Fujitsu.

Outsourcing as a success factor in online payment
One industry where innovations and new technologies are of crucial importance in competition is trade. Especially in e-commerce, the customer's perspective is of central importance, the competition is just a click away. This strategy of absolute customer orientation distinguishes successful webshops and this applies, for example, to the online perfumery Flaconi.
"We asked what our customers want and the results show that the payment process plays a central role," explains Björn Kolbmüller, founder of Flaconi. Flaconi opted for Klarna, which offers a so-called checkout solution with the most popular online payment methods such as Sofortüberweisung and Kauf auf Rechnung. "Checkout is the heart of the online shop, absolute trust is very important here," emphasizes Kolbmüller.


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