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26. September 2018

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Machine to machine

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Networking. The first Austrian LoRa Network intensifies the communication between machines.

The first LoRa Network in Austria is currently being built. As a basis for the increasing communication of machine-to-machine (M2M), new radio technology shall provide an efficient and cost-effective way for the integration of devices and sensors into communication networks. For example, analysts from Machina Research predict that around 25 billion devices will be networked by 2025. In Vienna, the first stations are now being built and tested with selected customers. Kapsch BusinessCom, Microtronics and the ORF subsidiary ORS are responsible for its transition. Kapsch CarrierCom has gained experience in the development of the LoRa network in France.

Real-time transmission

The new transmission technology has been attested by experts for having a great potential. "Today, wireless technology is often used for the real-time transmission of measurement data, that was not intended for this purpose. In contrast, LoRa networks with its so-called Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) are extremely efficient - they can also supply interior spaces of buildings with low transmission power", explains Hans-Peter Buber of Microtronics Engineering. "We are convinced that with this technology, we can make a significant contribution to digitization in Austria", adds Jochen Borenich, CEO of Kapsch BusinessCom.

The general basis for existing as new IT services are highly available IT architectures, which ensure a flexible and smooth integration of additional services. "Digital business platforms such as Meta-Arc are deployed here and offer both the management of existing IT systems and the development or implementation of digital innovations," explains Wilhelm Petersmann, Managing Director Austria & Switzerland at Fujitsu. However, the current developments in the area of ​​digital transformation are increasingly subject to new demands on IT service providers. "For us, this means that we need not only to understand the technology, but also the business of our customers," says Jochen Borenich.


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