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23. Juli 2018

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Digital information for a better utilisation in construction

Digital information for a better utilisation in construction© Kapsch

Digitisation is an irreversible development which has to be recognised and used as a chance.

An expert comment by Christian Wenner, Director Business Development at Kapsch BusinessCom. This is also valid for branches appearing to be very concrete and analogous at first glance, like the construction industry. There are important logistics processes whose digitisation brings about many advantages.

Internet of Things
Construction machines are scarce, expensive goods and are subject to enormous loads. The more exactly the lender knows about their utilisation, the better he can plan ahead. Thanks to “Internet of things“ he knows which machine has to lift which load and he can make better and more precise offers to his customers and also better plan the exchange of spare parts.

Predictive Maintenance
Processes are optimised by information collection via sensors at the linked machines and intelligent data evaluation (Big Data Analytics). Construction machines with sufficient capacities are thereby always in the right place. The maintenance can be carried out in a targeted manner through Predictive Maintenance (the machine itself notifies a requirement for maintenance. In future, building contractors possibly will not pay a time-dependent rent for building cranes, but a usage-dependent fee per ton raised. New usage-oriented business models result in this manner, as for example “crane as a service”.


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