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28. Februar 2020

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Innovation through outsourcing as a new trend in healthcare

Innovation through outsourcing as a new trend in healthcare© Bilderbox.com

The improvement of quality and at the same time reduction in costs require technological modernization in the provision of medical services.

A common area where experts are constantly making significant saving and optimization potentials is in the health sectors and hospitals. Cost savings and a parallel increase in quality requirements as well as the highest possible level of patient and staff satisfaction are particularly challenging aspects for hospitals. The study by Deloitte shows that many responsible technicians have a relevant role to play. The performance test predominantly valid is to increased efficiency with reduction in cost.

"This balancing act is best achieved by companies with an intelligent procurement strategy (sourcing)," explains Katharina Proske, an expert in Public & Health at T-Systems. The development potential in hospitals themselves primarily concerns the documentation, processes, networking as well as communication and integrated linking in addition with mobile devices. In the context of a digitization strategy, the use of own platforms is also useful. As an example, Proske cites innovations in the form of so-called "In-memory technologies".
The operation of such technologies is already in the hands of "Kardinal Schwarzenberg´sche Hospital" in the Schwarzach district of Salzburg. The hospital has been using "In Memory-Computing" as an SAP solution from the data centre of T-Systems Since 2015. "SAP-HANA is a future-oriented technology, from which we promise great performance gains, and this primarily concerns the evaluation and data analysis", says Christian Mühlthaler, Head of this Hospital at Schwarzach. We have reduced the response time from 30 to 1 second for special appointments at the clinical workplace”, Mühlthaler adds.

Tyrol Air Ambulance
The Tyrol Air Ambulance is another example of enhanced service with digital innovations. The company transports more than 3,000 injured or sick persons per year. “We have carried out ambulance flights for nearly 40 years. The smooth and secure data transport is an important condition for this”, emphasises Manfred Helldoppler, one of the managers of Tyrol Air Ambulance.
Kapsch BusinessCom ensures an efficient provision of IT in the background: The IT service provider thereby provides their very special data centre service in the highest quality via their own highly-secure computer centre. In order to ensure that access to very sensitive data is available and secure at all times, the IT has been accordingly outsourced to Kapsch.
All migration work was carried out in such a manner that employees did not notice and that business was not impaired. The aim was to integrate all individual solutions of IT into a complete concept. By means of a so-called Client Virtualisation and standard processes which were easy to administer, new applications could be integrated quickly into the IT environment and be provided to the employees.


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