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23. September 2018

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Modern payment infrastructure as motor in mobile trade

Modern payment infrastructure as motor in mobile trade© Klarna

Purchase via smartphone and tablet is requested more and more.

An expert comment by Christian Renk, Managing Director of Klarna Austria. The current EHI study about the E-Commerce market in Austria shows that nearly two third of the 250 largest online shops are represented with a mobile website. Nearly all of these merchants also offer their customers the possibility to buy in a mobile manner.

Too complicated
But especially during the process of a sales conclusion, a ditch appears to open in mobile shopping: Only three of 100 persons conclude the online purchase on the smartphone. It is cancelled in an above-average number shortly before the payment process. This is often due to a payment process which is too complicated: on mobile devices, a complex payment process is a particularly common reason for a purchase cancellation. Customers expect a payment infrastructure without cumbersome application, registration or payment processes.

Added value
Here it is worthwhile for shop operators to fall back on external service providers offering a checkout solution. These form the most popular payment methods, end customers only have to enter the information which is anyway in their heads, the purchases are concluded with one click and the customer can even change the type of payment after ordering. This is the form of added value for the customer, which a modern payment structure must provide.


translation by economy; red/czaak, Economy Ausgabe Webartikel, 04.09.2017