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25. Juni 2018

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More value is in demand

More value is in demand(C) atms

Customer services via WhatsApp are strongly used. An expert comment by Markus Buchner, Managing Director of atms Telefon- & Marketing Services.

The largest customer service of Europe, CCW in Berlin, has just taken place. More than 250 exhibitors from 39 countries informed the expert public about the latest developments and solutions for professional customer contact.

Mobile communications dominates
As be fore, one theme stood out: Multi-channel. Word is out that a business, regardless of size, nowadays has to have an address, telephone number, email address and a website in order to be perceived as a "legitimate, fully-fledged company". And it should not surprise anybody that customers approach the business via all these channels. Most companies have also noticed the fact that mobile communications dominates the the telecommunications world, especially in Europe. And another highlight of the CCW comes into play: customer service via WhatsApp.

The new diversity
Especially this new form shows the diversity of content and multi-channel reference of the term "customer" in the best way. While tourism providers answer any guest queries, merchants and manufacturers of different products increasingly use WhatsApp as an information channel for their optimal use. No business only backs WhatsApp. But those who have taken up the channel in their multi-channel strategy, enjoy high interaction and opening rates delight.


translation by economy; red/czaak, Economy Ausgabe Webartikel, 05.02.2017