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23. Mai 2018

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The distributed Intelligence

The distributed Intelligence© T-Systems Austria

In the meantime, the term Big Data has now been pushed into almost every facet of life.

An expert comment by Axel Quitt, Big Data Spezialist by T-Systems Austria. Often you hear the question: "How do I get systems with intelligent behaviour, where I need them and how can I handle the complexity and availability".

Supplying the customer
The convergence of Big Data Analytics, cloud services and connectivity is the answer. Digitization has ensured that large factory halls, for example, in the automobile industry, are now fully networked. Robots automatically assemble components, parts which are equipped with RFID chips, organizing many work steps completely independently. And the use of virtual realities is no longer an exception: This increases efficiency and the networking of one's own production processes is certainly only the first step on the road to a fully networked value-added chain.
Anyone who is constantly up-to-date via Smartphone, expects real-time information. This means that companies are faced with the challenge of supplying their customers exactly with this processed knowledge from the production or logistics processes. Where is my package, when will it be delivered and most importantly, that there were no problems, such as a cooling slip-up during transport.

The right information from multiple clouds
The necessary digitization must be planned and implemented beyond the IT and all departmental boundaries. Ultimately, customer service must function reliably around the clock. Solutions that can handle huge amounts of data in real-time, and are always based on a secure technical foundation, require the provision of monitoring, quality-assured and uninterrupted services on both the infrastructure and the application level.
This task does not always have to cope with business itself, but can rely on the experience of external service integrators that connect business intelligence to Big Data and build and operate platforms that provide the right information from multiple clouds. This is a good opportunity to cope with the challenges of digitization.


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