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19. Juni 2018

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Quick analyses© T-Systems

Efficient technologies care patients and serve personal

The increase of efficiency and the cost reduction were the relevant criteria for the Kardinal Schwarzenberg hospital Schwarzach when planning new IT services. The hospital decided on the “In Memory Computing“ solution from SAP from the computing centre of T-Systems, the acceleration of evaluations and the data analyses were thereby central focuses.
“SAP HANA is a future-oriented technology of which we expect large performance gains. At the clinical workplace, we thereby reduce the response time from 30 to 1 second for special dates views” explains Christian Mühlthaler, IT manager of the hospital.

Machine communications
Additionally, data mountains which possibly result from the machine communication or from the use of Social Media, can be converted to competition advantages in real time. SAP HANA also serves as an integration platform for cloud products from SAP.
As a long-term partner of this hospital, T-Systems has vast experience in this area and has already implemented substantial large projects for university clinics and clinic groups nationally and internationally. The computing centre capacities of the IT provider guarantee the transfer, storage, management and security of the enormous amounts of data.


red/czaak; translation by economy, Economy Ausgabe Webartikel, 24.02.2017