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23. Mai 2018

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Safe is safe or the conductor for the data orchestra

Safe is safe or the conductor for the data orchestra© piqs.de/nata

Data protection and the interlacing of business processes are currently an intensely discussed subject.

The secure management of data and the linking of different operational procedures are of central importance for public institutions as well as for companies. Companies with the focus on security and reliability are increasingly using the SMS medium, and in the area of data management and system linking, enterprises increasingly rely on flexible cloud services.

Protection against unauthorized access
As a secure way to authenticate the account holder, banks are offered protected access to their own account using TAN SMS. In order to protect against unauthorized access, this system is now increasingly used by other industries for internal company systems. Especially companies with many international workstations secure these processes by a second factor, where a mobile PIN code on the registered mobile phone number is required with every employee login.
The City of Uster, for example, uses this two-factor authentication of the provider websms for the secure remote access of 80 home and workstations to in-house systems. "The reliability of the mobile solutions as well as the professional support for the secure integration convinced us of websms", said Harry Rauter, Head of the Computer Science Department of the City of Uster. The Swiss startup movu.ch has discovered another type of use of two-factor authentication: "We use websms to ensure the quality of our inquiries, which could be increased by a lot of fast and reliable SMS verification", says Laurent Decrue, CEO of movu.ch.

The media as a special sector
A special sector with major changes in targeting and usage is the media sector itself. Many media houses are undergoing a comprehensive transformation process and this also applies to the Hessisch-Niedersächsische Allgemeine newspaper, or HNA, which is operated by Dierichs Verlag. This media house, which has existed since 1945, operates its own internet radio station, reaches several million releases via YouTube and also uses WhatsApp to provide readers with news.

In terms of data management and customer support, HNA is committed to a holistic approach and appropriate services from the cloud, such as "Data Orchestration as a Service (DOaaS)" by T-Systems. Like a data terminal, changed information or new data is sent from one system to another, and different server data or cloud memories are also merged via a central interface.
"The T-Systems-Informatica-Cloud allows us to communicate different systems according to our specifications", says Reinald Grebe, authorized signatory and technical director at Dierichs. "This can be a one-way street, a back and forth interface with different synchronization rhythms such as once a day or in real-time, and this multiplicity is the big advantage."


red/czaak; translation by economy, Economy Ausgabe Webartikel, 06.04.2017