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25. Juni 2018

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Security is the foremost priority when it comes to mobile data availability

Security is the foremost priority when it comes to mobile data availability© piqs.de/armando maynez

The secure use and management of data from any location at any time may also be a matter of survival.

Medical care is an area in which fast access to reliable data from any location is vitally important. In the operating theatre, in particular, comprehensive and up-to-date information about patients is literally vital for their survival. To ensure that an operation proceeds on a patient-centred, safe and efficient basis, the Burgenland Hospital Association (KRAGES), for example, which runs four hospitals, has integrated an additional operation module into the existing hospital information system (HIS) with the help of T-Systems.

Seamless and automated workflow
This ensures a seamless and automated workflow for the whole process, irrespective of location, from the planning of an operation and preliminary screening to approval for the operation and the procedure itself. Operations are already documented in the operating theatre, the medical parameters, materials and devices used are also recorded, and the standardised operation care reports are stored straight away in the HIS. This also removes the existing requirement for typing up notes later on, along with the errors that may be associated with this.
Costs for personnel, resources and materials can also be transferred directly to the commercial systems without any media discontinuity. The archiving of data, safeguarded against revision for up to 30 years, occurs automatically in a new archiving system also implemented by T-Systems. Overall, KRAGES has also been able to considerably increase the capacity of its cost-intensive operation resources via central data collection that is always accurate. Not only does this reduce waiting times for patients but it also saves a great deal of money for the health system.

A new mobility solution for banner made by Kapsch
In classic production facilities too, mobility and secure access to centrally held data is of crucial importance in organising operational procedures and processes. This applies to Banner, for example, Austrian’s only battery manufacturer with international customers such as Audi, BMW and VW. At Banner Batteries a new mobility solution for all employees was sought, which primarily included central administration and the secure exchange of data. A requirement for this was also consolidation with the existing hardware as well as processing time. It should also be conducive to the flexible and controllable strategic realignment of all associated processes.

Kapsch BusinessCom implemented the requirements as a Mobility Enterprise Solution, wound up the existing Blackberry infrastructure and established a new architecture, consolidated accordingly, with apple terminals and Citrix mobility software. The whole process was formulated and implemented according to ITIL (IT infrastructure library, as a collection of predefined processes, functions and roles).
“We found Kapsch convincing due to their approach of formulating a consolidated infrastructure and the mobility process based on ITIL, with a precise definition of all requirements, interfaces and processes in the ‘life of a mobile device’”, says Christian Ott, head of IT at Banner Batteries.


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