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21. Mai 2018

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Needs and inclinations of customers

Needs and inclinations of customers© piqs.de/david goehring

Marketing and sales via the Internet requires the precise definition of target groups and usage behaviour.

Modern IT services and communication channels are gaining more and more importance in companies, and this of course also applies to marketing and sales. A topical subject, especially with advertising and customer service, is currently using WhatsApp.
According to the last Social Impact study by A1, 7 out of 10 Austrians use WhatsApp. Thus, the digital communication service has even overtaken Facebook and demonstrated such a spread that this is not just a phenomenon only for the young. If WhatsApp is always concerned about the dialogue and information exchange with family and friends, the first examples show that companies also create access to the circle of WhatsApp contacts between Mrs. and Mr. Sample.

Relevant information
Within the first weeks from beginning last autum, more than 26,000 people have been using the ZiB100 daily to send their own ORF messages to their mobile phones, and over 80% use these messages. Further projects by media companies as well as trade companies, relief organizations and small regional business enterprises are being implemented. Also here, communication via WhatsApp serves as the dissemination of relevant information or services.
The advantages are obvious or better expressed, they are stuck in the pockets of clothes. Thanks to WhatsApp's media diversity, messages can consist of text, images, sounds, videos or in a multimedia. "The Smartphone is as good as ever, and SMS or WhatsApp messages are generally picked up within a few seconds," says Markus Buchner, Managing Director of the dialogue service providers atms and websms.

An emotional process
The goal of communication and distribution is then the issue of money in the entrepreneurial value-added chain and for the Internet shops, the final purchase event. Shops such as Flaconi highlight the fact that shopping on the Internet can also be an emotional process. The name stands primarily for branded perfume and high-quality care products. Quality means demanding target groups and in order to meet these adequately, the Webshop pays particular attention to design, functionality and operation.
Familiarity and security factors also come into question when it comes to payment. Numerous studies show that the final payment process significantly influences the customer's shopping experience. The founders of Flaconi have opted for the "Klarna Checkout" solution. Here the internationally and most widely-used payment methods, such as purchase on invoice, credit card or Sofort transfer are bundled together, the integration into almost every Webshop happens seamlessly. Christian Renk, Managing Director of Klarna Austria and Björn Kolbmüller, founder of Flaconi, added: "One supplier, one integration, one contract, one billing and one customer service" "The Klarna checkout solution is ideal for us, I can only recommend it."


red/czaak; translation by economy, Economy Ausgabe Webartikel, 20.03.2017