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23. Mai 2018

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Serving the customer

Serving the customer© piqs.de/renaud camus

In addition to business, the service and catering industries are increasingly focusing on Internet-based services to acquire a larger customer base.

For example, the German real estate portal Salz&Brot provides specific offers for those people looking for apartments. Rental apartments can be filtered according to different criteria such as city, district or rental price. Where communication is concerned, Salz&Brot are increasingly focusing on regional distribution through social media and already has 25 media appearances for various urban areas.

Information by samrtphone and newsletter
In order to be able to inform users directly in their respective cities even more quickly, a professional solution for sending messages via WhatsApp with atms has been implemented. As soon as new matching offers are available, subscribers receive an alert on their smartphone and a newsletter informs them of topics about moving and living. Users who no longer wish to receive information can terminate their subscription at any time and the system automatically deletes the user’s data. "We chose WhatsATool from atms because we were looking for a reliable partner who could tailor this service to our needs," said Tim Zimmermann, Managing Director of Salz&Brot.
A gift voucher for a good restaurant is becoming a popular service where you can gift qualitative leisure time to friends, colleagues or customers. Autumn is approaching and this is the time for numerous social festivities. However, so that the choice and payment of such vouchers are a little more trouble-free, hospitality companies are increasingly relying on internet-based processing.

Solution for Onlinepayment by Wirecard CEE
The Viennese traditional company Kolarik uses an online payment solution from Wirecard to sell not only individual vouchers but also tickets for exclusive events. Specialized payment service providers also offer a wide range of payment options across a wide range of channels and support the use of proven solutions. The restaurant owner can also offer in-house products or regional specialties. "A professionally built website with integrated payment functionality creates additional opportunities for new guests," said Roland Toch, Managing Director of Wirecard CEE.


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